Artificial Flowers Arrangement

These are my latest table arrangements design which has been sold recently. They are artificial flowers* and some of the decorations, structural mechanic are specially custom made by myself to incorporate into the design. Each design is unique by itself whether the form, colour schemes or even the selection of the flowers. There would be more designs to come and I hope you like them all.

*Artificial Flower also known as Permanent Botanical.

PURPLE GLORIOUS  //  95cm (H) x 45cm (D)  //  $250
A contemporary approach of vertical design. It comes with 5 purple Phalaenopsis orchids that are vertically arrange against the purple branches which set the tone for the name of this design. The clusters of green hydrangea at the bottom symbolize growth; while the violet grass balls in the center represent the quality of enthusiastic and also increase the rhythmic impact for the design. It is a good design for your home or office.

CHEERS  //  22cm (H) x 90cm (W)  //  $150
contemporary approach of horizontal design. This centerpiece is surrounded by 3 huge White Phalaenopsis orchids together with the strong colour of Yellow Freesia. The combination create a strong visual impact and cheerful ambience. While retaining the elegance flow of the flowers, the yellow branches are purposely arrange to create a visual balance on both side as well as support mechanic for the entire designThis cheerful arrangement is best for dining table or long TV cabinet arrangement.

FORTUNE LILY  //  46cm (H) x 27cm (D)  //  $160
A classic centerpiece with the selection of white, yellow and orange Lilium (Lily) to represents happiness and good fortune; while the swaying petite white orchids gradually move to the top to symbolize growth. It is a good arrangement for both round dining table and side table.

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