A Fusion Biedemier

A Biedemier design with a modern twist and conventional techniques – 
Layering & Grouping, simply create another fusion design style that
certainly capture our attention!


Wedding @ Church of St. Francis of Assisi

What the couple wanted is romantic, dainty, sweet and of course shower with lots of pink roses. Therefore, different shades and tints of pink were used to achieve the effects; while Eustoma, Sweet William and Baby Breath were also added to create contrasting texture so that the designs look more interesting. They look wonderful and gorgeous.


The Hanging Garden

A structural design for pew ends and chair deco of bride & groom.


Design Inspired by Tango

Sometimes life can be interesting especially when you are searching high and low for good ideas, in fact it just waiting in front of you. So, I get a cup of warm coffee....... calm my mind, surfing on YouTube and get inspired!

Yup, this time I was inspired by a Tango dancer. I was very fascinated by her dance movements, ..... she was just full of zest!

Therefore, I choose a warm color scheme combination to represent the enthusiasm, energy and the confident of the dancer and her movements. The design is simple. Personally, Freesia and Lilies are one of my favorite so I decided to use them for this design, you may choose other flowers as long as it suitable for the theme. A handmade rattan ball is used as a base to support the flowers; then arrange them accordingly within a round form. To complete the design, I have added a few Onion Grass to make the design more lively!